1.  Q.  Are you a hospital? 

    A.    Many people get us confused with a hospital indeed.  Our name comes from the song St. James Infirmary.  Push play above and listen along while you catch up with our frequently asked questions.  We are a locally owned family business who love to drink good beer, listen to great music, and watch great films!  The inspiration for this location comes from New Orleans, Austin TX, Reno, and Los Angel0s.  We live for culture, and invite you to strike up a conversation with our staff or a stranger today.

2.  Q.   Can I get a Bud Light?

     A.   One of the most difficult questions we get!   We love beer, we set fire to the local Craft beer community, and have since opened our very own local craft brewery.  We believe in supporting small business beer.  There are many varieties of craft beer, and trust us when we say, we have something that will make you feel right at home!  Try our Koln Concert, a beer named after the famous Keith Jerret Concert, a local Pilsner that goes great with music!  You can also try our Santiago, an easy drinkable Mexican Lager, try it with a lime.  Once you get ready to jump in further, ask our staff about a sample of our infamous Red Headed Stranger, Daily Wages, Thirdman, and more!  We brew Nationally Recognized Gold Medal Beer, right here in Midtown Reno, NV.  

*We know there are plenty of places to enjoy domestic big beer owned companies.  We support the hard working little guys.  We hope you will consider trying something new.

3.  Q.  Do you serve food?

     A.  We do not.  However, you can oder food to be delivered, or you can pick up take out on your way over.  Many of our regulars during the week love to bring over food for happy hour, trivia, or enjoy a picnic in the summer time on the patio, or order a late night pick me up.  

4.  Q.  Are you child or pet friendly?

     A.  We are a bar, so we are always 21+.  We allow service dogs only.

5.   Q.  Why does it smell so bad inside?

      A.  We do not smell bad inside anymore.  When we opened, we had an old school photo booth.  The sulfurs in the solutions would at times, especially in the heat of the summer, create a sulfuric aroma.  Sadly, we have parted ways with our Photo Booth.  May she rest in peace.  We have fond memories and will cherish them and her forever.  

6.  Q.  What kind of entertainment do you provide?

     A.   All kinds!  Check out our events page on this website, and be sure to keep up with announcements via Facebook.   We book a variety of live music, host Dance Parties, and more.   We also have a Jukebox, and she is filled with all kinds of music.  She will keep you company during happy hour.  

7.  Q.   What are your hours?  

     A.    We are open 7 days a week!  4pm -3am.  On Fridays and Saturdays we are open until 4am and sometimes later!  If there is a party going on, we will stay open.  

8.  Q.   Can I celebrate my birthday or host a private/public event?

     A.   You sure can.  Be sure to use our bookings page, provide as much information as you can, time, day, how many people you are expecting, wether you want a private or open to the public event.  Me may be able to cater from Brasserie Saint James at times, however we highly recommend if you want to food, to cater and or bring your own.  You can decorate too!


*Celebrate your Birthday with us!  Decorate and bring in 10 friends and receive a Free bottle of Champagne


9.   Q.  Is there a cover?

       A.  Sometimes.  We will be booking more live acts, and at times there will be a small cover to help support the music!

1o.  Q.  How do I book bands or DJ?

      A.  We are looking for motivated Bands and DJ's looking to throw a great party!  Use our bookings page to get in touch with us.

12.   Q.  You have some great photos.  Who takes them?

     A.  Fielding Cathcart is responsible for all of our amazing photos.  He is one of the best around.  He is a very low impact professional, he does not flash in performers eyes, and has a light and spectacular energy he creates with.  We couldn't recommend somebody more!